When readers last dropped in, they learned about standby generators and the value they have for local families. Refer back to our last blog to get filled in. Once readers are caught up, we are going to share how the standby generators actually operate.

In review:

A standby generator is not the cheapest storm readiness equipment a Sanford local can purchase, but its benefits makeup a long list. For family members with health and medical issues, a standby generator can be life-saving.

Especially during this pandemic, elderly should not have to rely on going to a hospital if the power goes out. Some medical equipment relies on a home’s electrical power. During hurricanes and tropical storms, many elderly Americans are brought to the hospital.

However, after investing in a standby generator, your nerves and worries are put at ease. Even once you have left your home behind due to an evacuation order or voluntary evacuation, you can be rest assured the home and everything inside will be properly maintained.

Who can benefit from a standby generator:

In South Florida, standby generators are almost a necessity. Most families invest in one to add value to their home as well. Speak with your realtor about how much your home’s value will increase once a standby generator is professionally installed by a Sanford Electric electrician.

Additionally, your home’s security cameras shut off once a home loses power. This means your home and belongings may be stolen or vandalized. Of course, Sanford and surrounding areas are great, but no matter where you live, there is always a chance burglars will take advantage of the power outage.

Ensure all security lights and cameras will continue regular operation during a storm with a standby generator. This is especially necessary if your neighbors will not be home to check in on your home and personal property. Call our office today to discuss pricing and schedule installation.

How a standby generator works:

A home standby generator is a permanently installed appliance. It runs with a natural gas or propane engine to generate utility-quality power. A standby generator clicks on within seconds of a power outage.

The engine powers the machine. When in the market for a generator, shoppers will notice the different engine sizes. Engine sizes match the power capacity.

The larger the engine, the more power it can supply to your home’s needs. Larger capacity means it requires more power to turn the generator that produces electricity. Standby generator engines can range from two to eight cylinders.

Speak with our professionals as we have installed many standby generators and can advise clients on the sufficient engine size. The generator unit itself creates the same alternating current that your electric utility provides. With a clean current, frequency is stable.

This means the voltage does not fluctuate, so the generator can supply sufficient, steady reserve current to start motors and handle fast-changing loads. For example, this is necessary for when the central air conditioner turns on.

Check back in next time as we share more information on standby generators. Give us a call or send over an email with any electrical questions you may have! Hurry back for more and have a Happy Halloween!

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