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Top Electrical Hazards In Lake Mary And Oviedo Homes

We rely on the electricity in our home every day. But if not handled safely, the wires and cords can result in a variety of devastating safety hazards.  Safety First: Avoid These Top Electrical Hazards  Damaged wires and electrical cords  When the metal inside wires...

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Top Oviedo & Lake Mary Electrical Issues and Solutions

We think of our home as the safest place to be. We try and keep up with routine maintenance, but what about the electrical and wiring? They also require attention. Small issues just take a few seconds to escalate and a mishap can change your life forever.  Top...

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Oviedo & Lake Mary Affordable Electrical Repairs

You just realized the outlet you plugged you phone in isn’t working, while you're frustrated your phone didn’t charge, you just move to a different outlet. But what about that outlet that isn’t working? Do you need to have it repaired? Is it a hazard?  There are many...

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