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Sanford Electrician; Smart Home Electrical Wiring

Homeowner’s in Seminole county are embracing the advantages new technology and smart home electrical wiring. But these innovations and “magical” devices require more from your your home’s wiring foundation. Often they require electrical upgrades and new wiring...

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When Does Electrical Wiring Need To Be Replaced?

In the United States, between 45,000 and 55,000 house fires occur every year due to old wiring or faulty electrical work. With today’s homeowners putting more demand on their electrical systems, than they were designed for, When is it time to replace your electrical...

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How To Choose The Right Lake Mary & Oviedo Electrician

If you have a home or business here in the Orlando area, you will eventually need a licensed electrician. Doing the work yourself or enlisting the help of a friend, means taking some safety risk, to you, your family and property.  Is it really worth the risk? Just to...

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