Last time readers dropped in, they learned about a few things they should lookout for while buying a new home. Because the market is still booming and many Central Floridians are looking to move, we thought it would be beneficial to share what to lookout for. Follow along today for more.

Warning signs while house shopping:

In our last blog, our readers learned that odors or odd smells may not just be written off due to lazy cleaning schedules. Some odors are signs of electrical issues. There may be a potential for electrical fires with odors present.

Today, we want to dive into the rest of the warnings signs that buyers should be looking out for. Before even entering the home, it is very telling when there are plenty of homes for sale in the neighborhood. More specifically, if there are three homes up for sale next door to each other, there may be something going on.

Look more into this. There may be sewage, drainage, electrical, or noise pollution. Make sure you and your realtor look into why so many families are selling their homes before scheduling a tour. Better yet, ask the neighbors how they like living in the area.

Location and electrical upgrades:

Location means everything in the real estate world. It is part of a home that cannot be changed which makes it the most important factor when home buying. Have you ever heard, buy the cheapest house in the best neighborhood?

While this is accurate advise, not everyone can afford to do this. If there are high ticket jobs on the remodel list, the buyers must have the savings to match. There may be alternative options for buyers with tiny or nonexistent savings accounts.

There are some home loans which allow homes to be remodeled before even moving in, and it does not change the mortgage payment by much at all- we’re talking maybe fifty dollars difference.

Ask your realtor about this, and reach out to our office for rewiring and electrical updates. We are trustworthy and client have provided honest reviews for future clients to read! Similarly, high turnover is also extremely telling.

When many home owners are trying to get out of their homes, this is a major red flag. Possibly tour some of the homes for sale and inquire the reason for their move. Another red flag is when a house has been listed for sale multiple times without selling.

High turnover:

If a home has been on the market twice within the last five years, there may have been some issues found during inspection that buyers were not willing to take on. Even if a home does not have something physically wrong with it, the neighborhood or neighbors may not be ideal. Neighbors may be loud, rude, or park on your grass. You never know, but turnover is a perfect warning sign.

According to real estate professionals, people live in a home for a total of nine years on average. If the home has been sold every two years, watch out.

Next time, we will be sharing more things to lookout for. Join us for more, and be sure to contact our affordable electricians for electrical work. Remember to avoid large crowds, wash your hands often, and get outside!

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