We rely on the electricity in our home every day. But if not handled safely, the wires and cords can result in a variety of devastating safety hazards. 

Safety First: Avoid These Top Electrical Hazards 

Damaged wires and electrical cords 

When the metal inside wires and electrical cords become exposed, they are dangerous. Electricity is conducted through the metal, touching it can cause anything from electrocution to a small shock. Exposed wires, even those from a frayed smart phone charger can cause a fire. As chords age, they tend to fray and are easily punctured. 

Most wires in our home are out of sight, these are more susceptible to damage from pests. Outdated wires corrode, overheat and melt.

Power strips plugged into other power strips or extension cords 

Extension cords and power strips are made for only temporary uses. When they are in use, they should only be connected into a wall outlet, not another power strip or extension cord. Doing so can drastically increase the risk of a fire.

Using indoor extension cords outdoors 

Extension cords are designed for a specific use. An indoor extension cord should not be used outdoors because it doesn’t have the necessary safety features. 

You should always check the power needs of the appliance or equipment you are plugging into the extension cord doesn’t exceed the amount of power the extension cord is designed for.

Outdated wiring 

Just like everything else, wiring deteriorates over time and connections loosen, increasing the risk of a fire. Since most wiring is hidden behind the scenes, be mindful of the signs there is a problem: 

Lights that go dim or flicker 

Circuit breaker routinely trips 

Warm outlets or discolored switch plates 

You smell something burning 

Don’t have GFCI outlets in the bathroom 

Your home has ungrounded two pronged outlets 

Electrical hazards are real and should be taken seriousl

Have An Electrical Problem?

If you have any type of electrical issue within your home or business, Sanford Electric Company is here to help. Locally owned and operated, we guarantee customer satisfaction.

For the safety of your family, it is important your electrical system is working safely and efficiently. Ignoring issues, especially those caused by older wiring, can pose a fire threat.



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