When it comes our your home, it is easy to want to save a money by doing some routine electrical maintenance or repairs yourself. But when it comes to electricity, it should be handled by an experienced professional. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, watch out for these commonly made mistakes. 

Electrical Box Installation 

Though it may seem like an easy task, installing a new electrical box is somewhat complex. It won’t sit flush against the wall if it sticks out too far.  If set too far into the wall, it will be difficult to reach the fuse to reset it. These boxes typically requite extension rings, the thickness of these ribs varies depending on the box.

Installing Outlets 

With all of our devices, we could all use an extra outlet. While it may seem easy enough, choosing the right wires for the number of amps for the fuse they will be connected to, is a common issue. 

Not choosing the right materials could lead to a fire hazard or cause a fuse to blow, when you plug in a device that requires more power. Installing an outlet is best left to a professional. 

Switching Out Fuses 

If you have a fuse that is tripping on a regular basis, it can be easy just to switch it out for a larger unit. It seems like the logical solution, but it leads to a very dangerous situation. Every breaker and fuse are rated at a particular level. This level is there to protect the wire, reducing the chances of sparks or a fire.

The problems is, when you don’t have the right fuse, it is easy for the wires to get overheated or cause the fuse to keep blowing. Either way, contact a licensed electrician to protect your family. 

Loose or Wrapped Wires

If you notice your outlets or switches not working properly, or the light flickering, the problem may be with the wires. If your wires are poorly connected or weak, opening up the wall or outlet and wrapping another wire around it, hoping it creates a stronger connection, is very dangerous. Especially when you are not using the right materials. It can cause significant electrical shocks when plugging devices in or cause outlets to overheat. 

Better Safe Than Sorry 

When it comes to electricity, it is better to contact a skilled electrician instead of trying to do it yourself. Trust the team of professionals at Sanford Electric Company for affordable and safe repairs and maintenance. 

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