In our last article, we shared wiring signs that are very beneficial to a family’s safety. We find it very important to share this knowledge. This week, we are sharing more warning signs that your home needs full-house wiring replacement.

Sanford Electric Company II, Inc.:

Sanford Electric Company II, Inc. is Central Florida’s top choice for wiring services. The electricians are qualified and very experienced. They know what to look out for and what advice to give out during electrical scares.

Home fires happen far too often. Mostly, families think of firemen coming to the rescue. But before firemen get involved, we hope to prevent these fires and dangers lingering in your homes.

What you may see as an annoying switch or outlet, a serious issue may be right in front of you. Many wiring issues are easily fixable. For more serious repairs and installations, such as full-house wiring replacement, Central Florida families and businesses call Sanford Electric Company II, Inc. for swift, professional service.

Overloaded circuits:

Last blog post shared an introduction of overloaded circuits. Today, we are going to dive deeper and share more about this topic because overloaded circuits are signs you need a full-house wiring replacement.

You may experience several different warning signs of overloaded circuits. First off, if the breaker trips shuts off all of the power, this is a definite sign of an overloaded circuit. The breaker shuts off the power for your safety.

There may be more subtle signs of an overloaded circuit too. As we mentioned last time, lights may dim or flicker when a circuit is overloaded. This may happen especially when using a large appliance such as a washer machine or when you are vacuuming.

More wiring dangers:

Buzzing outlets or switches are extremely quiet sometimes, but they are indeed a sign of an overloaded circuit. Have you ever gone to plug something into an outlet and the outlet cover is hot? When an outlet cover is warm to the touch, this means the total energy being used by all the gadgets currently plugged into that outlet exceeds the capacity of the wiring to carry the load.

If you do feel a warm outlet cover, unplug whatever you are not using. This is the safest way to reduce the risk of overloading a circuit. Take note, this is only a temporary fix as you may overload your circuit as soon as you plug those appliances back in.

Call experienced electricians if you feel a warm outlet cover. Likewise, switch plates, chords, or plugs may be discolored or hot. These are also red flags the area needs professional attention.

There may be a light in the house you use far more often than others. Light bulbs may burn out very often there. But if you do not use that light commonly, light bulbs do not seem to last as long in there, it is signaling the fixture cannot handle the bulb wattage.

A loose outlet may just seem like a “bottom of the list” issue, but this is a sign you need wiring replacement. The next one may not be as obvious because you should not be doing any detective work. If you see cut, broken, or cracks in the insulation of the wires, wiring replacement is a must.

Stop by next week for more warning signs. This month we are taking safety seriously. Together, we can prevent house fires!

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