Last week, readers found out about red flags to lookout for when house shopping. Once a buyer has found the perfect home, it is time to ensure the home’s electrical wiring is safe and sufficient. To do so, call affordable electricians to inspect the wiring and install a standby generator for hurricane and storm backup power.

Why do you need a standby generator?:

A standby generator can benefit everyone, but is not a necessity for everyone. For some Floridians, they are not necessary to live everyday life. But for those with medical issues, a standby generator could be the difference between life and death.

A standby generator may be necessary if an elderly person does not have help during a storm to set up a more classic generator. Elderly Floridians may need to keep medicines in refrigerators, so if the power goes out, they could spoil hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of medicines.

Who benefits from a standby generator:

Natural disasters and storms may leave local electric utility distribution systems in ruins until residents receive power again. For some Central Floridians, power outages can happen weekly due to outdated electrical work. For others, power outages are far and few between due to updated electrical work.

If your power cuts out often, contact our office for advice. You may need a quick inspection to see what the cause is. During larger storms or hurricanes, residents may be left a power outage for days or even weeks- although this is not a common occurrence for Sanford.

Unfortunately, even a day is too long for saving food, beverages, and medicines in refrigerators and freezers. It really does not even take a whole day without power to do major damage. For example, when a sump pump does not work, a basement can flood.

The best solution for this power outage problem is a home standby generator. This system works automatically when the power goes out. They operate on municipal natural gas or a home’s propane tank.

This means, even if you evacuate your home, your food and medicines will not spoil. A standby generator is a great option for those that travel for work. Similarly, while you are at work or staying with your family during a storm, plenty of stress and worry is appeased.

Within seconds, a standby generator begins doing its job, so it is worth the investment. Lights, televisions, and electronics also get the power they require to function. Standby generators are fantastic for security reasons.

Criminals take advantage of storms and other natural disasters. With the help of a standby generator, your home’s security system is up and running leaving only possibly five seconds of footage lapse.

Contact Sanford electricians:

Next time, we are going into more detail as to how a standby generator technically works. Join us next time, and call our office today if you are interested in having one installed before the power outage hits your neighborhood.

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