In past weeks, we shared beneficial insight into the world of house shopping. Real estate is booming with low interest rates and minimal listings on the Sanford housing market. Many first time home buyers are looking for their first home, so we are sharing the red flags buyers should look out for.

Family owned and operated:

If you happen to purchase a home that has electrical issues, make sure Sanford Electric is your first call. Go ahead and get other quotes, but we can assure future clients, you will be in good hands here. Our experienced electricians offer honest, quality work.

Sanford Electric Company is family owned and operated. This means you will be in the hands of another Sanford family. Other big companies may not offer the same quality our professionals do.

For those still having trouble choosing between electricians, check out our awards. We are heavily awards every year. Call us for a quote, and we will walk you through the services you will require.

House buying basics:

There are the obvious things to lookout for while house shopping. Touring five homes every weekend may wear you down and drive you into the door of the wrong house. Do not make the mistake of settling on big ticket items if you are not financially equipped to foot the bill.

Unfortunately, many people run out of time on a lease and settle on a house due to the time constraint. Wouldn’t you rather pay an extra couple thousand dollars renting month-to-month than get trapped into a money pit. This is a classic home buying mistake.

A great tip to follow- give yourself at least two months to look for a home. Closing may take longer than expected if there is an issue that was meant to be resolved by closing day but was not. When you begin home buying early, you can tour more homes to get an idea of what you truly need.

Be sure to notice classic red flags such as water rings on ceilings and floors, odors coming from outlets or appliances, and warm outlets. Call our office if you have any questions regarding what to look for.

First-time home buyers tips:

Buyers may settle for a one car garage even though there are homes for sale in their price range with two car garages. They may settle for a tiny backyard when the other one just needs a few hundred dollars in sod. Home buying is not easy, but with right guidance, it can be close to it.

The same goes for electrical work. If you have your eye on a house, but you are not sure on the overall job total for electrical upgrades, call our office. An inspection will reveal most major high ticket jobs.

A contingent home inspection is always a good idea as it is only around three hundred dollars. Other than the house itself, the neighborhood and yard should be thoroughly inspected. Sanford Electric can speak to buyers about outdoor lighting. As we have discussed in past articles, outdoor lighting can instantly improve the home’s curb appeal and security.

Come back next time for more of our Sanford electricians’ tips. Remember to wash your hands often while touring potential homes. Have a great week, Sanford readers!

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