It’s easy to forget about the electricity running throughout our Orlando area homes or businesses. That is, until it isn’t working properly, the lights keep flickering, a breaker keeps tripping, outlets don’t work, you have a burning smell, or hot outlets. This can put your family, employees, and property at risk from electrical hazards and even a fire.

DIY or Hire a Professional

You may be tempted to try doing it yourself, but you don’t want to play around with electrical work. According to statistics, the main cause of home fire is electrical issues and repair mistakes.

To top it off, if there is a fire or damages from an electrical issue, most insurance companies won’t cover the cost of damages because the work was not done by a certified electrician or up to code. Hiring a professional electrician means you don’t have to worry about the risk of injury, electrical shock, fire, or even death.

A Few Electrical Upgrades Can Make A Safer And More Efficient Environment 

Replace Old Outlets

If you have the old standard two or three pronged outlets, they should be replaced with upgraded GFCI or AFCI outlets for safety.  These outlets can be identified by the two buttons between the sockets marked Test and Reset.

These outlets can detect an imbalance between the “neutral” and “hot” slots of the socket. Which means if there is any safety issue with the outlet, the breaker will be tripped and the flow of electricity to the outlet will be shut off. It is especially important that these types of outlets should be installed in bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms.

If you have young children in the home, it’s important to upgrade to tamper resistant outlets. These outlets have shutters on them that prevent children from putting any object into them.

Upgrade Older Or Worn Out Electrical Panels 

Today’s technology and appliances demand more electricity. This overload makes the circuit breaker to trip. An upgraded panel will be able to handle the extra electricity use and prevent fires. Especially, if your panel uses fuses instead of breakers and if it is over 10 years old.

As a home or business owner in Central Florida, it can be difficult to find competent and honest electrician to update and maintain your home. You can count on Sanford Electric Company for fair pricing, guaranteed service, and quality installations.

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