Imagine you drive up to two houses. Both are the same size and color, but one looks grand and inviting. One house has residential outdoor lighting creating a captivating, regal look. Today’s blog will be about how residential outdoor lighting can improve the value and appeal of your home.

Getting started:

Whether you are adding value into your home with plans of selling in the future, or you want to continue adding to your forever home, adding outdoor lighting can be a game changer. With the holidays coming up, friends and family start coming in town. Making the home as presentable and cozy as possible is on many families’ to-do list. Living in Florida, an outdoor Thanksgiving dinner is an option.

The weather is usually crisp, or in 80s, which makes for the perfect patio dinner. Now is the time to start speaking to residential outdoor lighting experts. Start at the basics and work from there.

When guests park, will they be parking on your curb or in the driveway? Go outside at the time you are having people arrive. Check for any dark areas where people may not see a step or walking stones. This is especially important if they are carrying in the turkey!

residential outdoor lightingAt your front door, check to confirm you have ample lighting. If you do not, discuss with electricians which light fixtures are permitted to be there. Replace any lightbulbs to match the other outdoor lighting color. Illumination for the entrance of your home sets the mood and displays the effort you put into your home right off the bat.

Even before speaking to a professional, draw up your dream plan. Visit Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration. Funny thing is, you don’t even need to specifically search for lighting ideas. Simply searching for pictures of the exterior of homes will show you what up to date lighting looks like.

Once your dream board is in place, show this to the professional to order the correct and right size lights.  The time for installing and designing your residential outdoor lighting is ideally the same time you speak with a landscape artist. Do not fret if you are not in this process, experienced electricians can easily guide you to choose a light for a specific area.

The safety your lights provide:

For outdoor pathways, task lighting is next on the agenda. It is most important to illuminate pathways and entrances for obvious reasons, looks. But what you may have not even considered, safety. Keeping your home well lit at all entrances and corridors makes you home safer by not appealing to burglars.

A side entrance to a home or in-law suit with no entrance lighting screams out to the wrong crowd. Darkness created a better environment for crime, lock-picking and window breaking. Outdoor lights are a huge deterrent.

residential outdoor lighting To boost security, add motion sensor light LED light bulbs. These can be in sync with a security camera to truly create a safe zone. The main location to think about illuminating are the garage, driveway, and front door. Positioning spot lighting, also known as motion sensor lights, is critical. You do not want a light shining through your window into your eyes at night, nor do your neighbors. Specialists should install them during the day and reposition them at night to shine in the perfect direction.

When choosing such lighting fixtures, collaborate with a specialist. If it is a covered porch, a damp-rated light will do the job. For areas exposed to the elements, the fixture must be wet-rated. Although many indoor sconces or chandeliers may catch your eye, think of safety and longevity.

Thank you for stopping by this week. Stay tuned next week for Part Two of residential outdoor lighting. There is much more to learn. Do not hesitate to begin the dream board, so your home can reach its potential.

For families on a budget, you do not need to give your entire house a fresh coat of paint If you are expecting family or friends to come in town for Thanksgiving, consider booking a meeting today with Sanford Electric Company II, Inc. to ensure you have the most knowledgable and helpful experts giving your house a fresh face lift.

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