Before starting the challenging journey of beginning a home remodel, do your research. It is important to know what you want before starting to avoid major route changes. However, having the right team along the way can drastically improve your experience, so contact experienced electricians at Sanford Electric Company II, Inc. for your home remodel.

How can different lighting improve home value?:

Last week, we began discussing the different types of lighting fixtures. Now that we have covered the different types of architectural lighting, cove, soffit and lighting, we are going to move on. First, read up on last week’s architectural lighting article if you did not get a chance to read it yet.

Once you are caught up over there, come back for to day’s blog. We are sharing about recessed lighting for this article. This form of lighting fixture is quite common and heavily talked about.

About thirty years ago, this was not commonly installed in suburban “cookie cutter homes”. Nowadays, it is expected. For those that paid off their mortgage and plan to live out their life in the home they have paid on for years, a budget-for remodel can be the answer.

Other couples decide to make little baby steps and do the top of their list items as they can afford. For some, that means starting with installing recessed lighting. This may go alongside another task such as removing popcorn ceiling textures and updating that too.

Popcorn ceiling removal and recessed lighting installation is done side by side on the to-do list. They are both two simple yet incredible improvements that increase a home’s value and draws the eye higher up. Recessed lighting is more up to date and improves each room’s overall appearance.

Recessed lighting:

Let’s talk about what recessed lighting actually is. Recessed lights are also called a few other names, canister lighting, can lights, and down lights. Recessed lights are very seamless and clean.

Lights are perfectly contained in a metal housing that fits completely above the plane of the ceiling. Sometimes, a small portion of the inner reflector and the bottom rim are below the plane of the ceiling. No part of the light fixture extends below the ceiling line.

This creates the seamless look. Recessed lighting offers a whole list of advantages for design. Also, there is no collected dust hidden above the light fixtures.

Recessed light fixtures operate no different than standard light fixtures. There is a threaded base which matches up with the screw in bulb. However, the rest of the configuration is truly different than other fixtures to make it above the plane of the ceiling.

Anatomy of this fixture:

This fixture is configured differently, so it remains tucked away. Many recessed light fixtures have two adjustable bar hangers that allow you to brace the fixture between ceiling joists to hold it in place safely. Some recessed lights come with their own packaged junction boxes.

With others that do not come with their own junction boxes, you will have to go ahead and purchase a separate electrical box. Either way, this metal box attaches to a framing member inside the ceiling. The circuit wires are connected inside of this box.

Next time, we are continuing to share information about recessed lighting. Come back again to get all the ins and outs. Make a call today to receive ample electric advice and services.

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