When our readers last stopped by, they read about NM cable and the purpose of hiring experience electricians for even the most safe wiring work. Sanford Electric is trusted by thousands in the community and will offer quarantine electrical upgrades while many of us sit at home looking at a to-do list.

In review:

As we were saying last in our last article, NM cable usually contains one or more hot wires. There is also a neutral wire and a ground wire. Individual wires can be installed in a rigid or flexible metal tubing as an alternative to NM cable. The tubing may also be plastic, but it works just the same.

Whether the tubing is metal or plastic it is called conduit. Conduit is usually used where the wires may possibly be exposed and not hidden behind walls, floors, or ceilings. This is for safety and it is aesthetically pleasing.

Larger wires in the home are carrying circuit voltage which can be very dangerous to touch- even more so for children. Although there are many other wires in your home or business that have lesser voltage current, they are still dangerous to work with or even touch.

Now that your children will be staying home much longer periods of time than when they were in school throughout the week, it is even more imprint to ensure their safety. Visitors may not be stopping by anytime soon, so put off decorate updates and put safety to the top of your priorities. Although things are sure to loosen up eventually, restricting your contact is the safest choice.

UF Cable:

Undergound Feeder, or UF cable for short, is a nonmetallic cable designed for wet locations. It is directly buried into the ground, which means it definitely has to be okay with water. This is most commonly used for supplying outdoor light fixtures such as lamp posts or uplighting with current.

Similarly to NM cable, UF cable contains insulated hot wires which should be avoided. They also have neutral wires of course. There is a bare ground wire as well making up the third type of wire found in the UF cable.

Unlike the NM cable, the UF cable sheathing is solid plastic that surrounds each wire. NM cable is a separate plastic wrap. UF is commonly sold with a grey outer sheathing.

Quarantine electrical upgrades:

This type of cable is also used for major circuit wiring. UF cable carries a dangerous amount of voltage as long as the circuits are turned on. Next time, we are sharing more on the topic of UF cable.

If you are working from home during this quarantine, give Sanford Electric a call to discuss your options for electrical safety upgrades. Our trusted electricians have serviced many homes in your area. See you next time as we discuss valuable electrical information.

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