Last time readers dropped by, they learned about the functions and features of standby generators. Generators have an important role in Floridian’s households during hurricane season. Today, we are sharing more about power outage preparedness and why you should be careful when using a portable generator.

In Review:

In our last article, readers learned that standby generators usually work as follows:

  • Utility power is lost
  • The Generator detects an issue
  • Standby generator turns on automatically
  • Electricity is restored within seconds

For those with special medical needs, a standby generator may be the difference between life and death. Speak with Sanford Electric’s experts to discuss the installation process and maintenance schedule.

According to Consumer Reports, more than nine hundred people died of carbon monoxide poisoning, with thousands injured, while using portable generators from 2005 to 2017. This fact just highlights the necessity of generator safety information. Discuss the safest option of generators for your family.

Power outage preparedness:

Remember, expertly installed by experienced Sanford Electricians trained by our locally owned company will surely bring your family safe peace of mind we love to brag about. In the aftermath of a storm, a generator can be a pretty invaluable piece of equipment to have on hand.

At the very least, it can make your life run smoothly and bring a sense of normalcy until life truly does continue as normal again. Because people do not often use a generator, basic safety measures that should be routine with such equipment can go mistakenly overlooked. It is also very easy to get distracted by inevitable storm cleanup that usually follows storms and hurricanes.

You may even be tempted to run a generator in a living space if much of your house is destroyed and unsalvageable. Beware- this is never an option!

Generator mishaps lead to deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning. Injuries from close calls and burns are additional dangers. The largest issue is CO, or carbon monoxide poisoning, according to Consumer Reports Safety Commission. Now you can see how truly important it is to pick the right generator during the power outage preparedness steps.

Sanford experts spreading safety info:

All Sanford Electric Company II clients have an advantage because you all can ask us any questions you have. Portable generators can produce deadly levels of carbon monoxide. It is not an obvious danger either.

Carbon monoxide can be colorless, odorless, and tasteless. It is an invisible gas, so you cannot prepare to leave or fix the issue as you could with a fire. Fires create smoke and heat which people can sometimes recognize while even asleep.

CO is much more threatening. Discuss your options for installing CO detectors around your house and business as well. Having these very affordable detectors installed may save your family in the event of a portable generator misuse.

Join us next week as we share more about Portable generator safety information. Make an appointment to learn all of your power outage preparation options. Some families are even preparing to use their stimulus checks to invest in their home’s prolonged power outage preparedness. We hope you drop in next time!

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