When you have a problem with your electricity, you need a local electrician you can trust. From complex to simple electrical repairs, make safety a priority! 

Here are a few things electricians want you to know

Pay attention to electrical warning signs 

Electrical warning signs happen for a reason. Ignoring them can end up being a serious safety hazard. What are the warning signs?

Hot outlets

Burning smell

Popping sounds 

Frequent blackouts 

Abnormally high electric bills 

Flickering lights 

More than just annoying, these warning signs should be taken very seriously. Be mindful and when you notice them take action, by having them replaced or even turning off the main pier source. 

Don’t cut electrical wires 

Soldering or cutting your own electrical wires can be very dangerous. From unsecured wire connections or wires that are too short. Instead of doing DIY on any type of electrical work, calling an experienced electrician is always worth it. 

Inexpensive power items may not be worth it 

While it may save you a couple of bucks up-front, in the long run, the risk of a problem is quite high. Receptacles, sockets, and power boards handle high currents, voltage, and electrical loads. You may not need the most expensive items, but make sure they pass current certifications. Ensure you can trust the extension cords, power strips and cables for the highest level of safety.

Make sure your hands are dry before touching electrical appliances or equipment 

Water is a good conductor of electricity, if the circuit gets wet, the flow of current increases and spreads via the water. Leading to electric shock and short circuit. Wet hands and water don’t mix with electricity.

Electrical work is complicated

Electrical emergencies and issues can happen at anytime, you don’t always have time to go looking on the internet for honest and qualified electrician. Here at Sanford Electric Company we are licensed, qualified, and affordable. 

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