How energy efficient is your home and how can you make it better and save money?  It’s a common reason to contact a local electrician. Not only will it lower your electrical bill, but it also reduces your carbon footprint. 

Having an electrician make a few updates, along with a number of day to day lifestyle choices, you can save energy and make a big impact. 

Regular maintenance and inspection checks 

Every home’s wiring deteriorates over time. Damaged or frayed wires can directly impact your electricity usage. Causing your connected appliances to heat up which consume more electricity. It can also lead to a dangerous situation. Keep your home safe and save money by having your electricity inspected. 

Energy efficient lighting 

If you want to see your electric bill plummet, replace traditional traditional power hungry light sources – incandescent light bulbs – with more efficient lighting. Updating your home with new energy saving technology really makes a difference and saves you money. 

Replace old appliances and ceiling fans 

Older appliances take significantly more energy than newer ones. While this new technology may not be easy to install, they are worth hiring an electrician to make sure everything is wired for maximum efficiency. 

Programmable thermostat

One of the easiest ways to reduce the amount of electricity you are using is to have an electrician install a programmable thermostat. They are adjustable with just the use of your smart phone or computer. Allowing you to raise and lower the temperature in your home accordingly. Your HVAC typically accounts for 47% of your electric consumption, and even more on hot, humid days here in Central Florida.

Don’t forget to check the meter

If you think your electric bill is too high, maybe it is.  There may be an issue with the meter or wires going into it.  An electrician can do an audit and tell you exactly where all that electricity (and money) is going. 

Save money and help save the planet, what could be better than that. Contact Sanford Electric Company for affordable services.

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