Last time you stopped by, you learned about practical and stylish bathroom lighting plans. Previously, there was a whole blog on outdoor lighting. Today, we are sharing about outdoor lighting options for security and aesthetics.

Outdoor lighting plans for safety:

Living in Florida, there are countless reasons to have an outdoor party, barbecue, or just simply a nice family dinner on the patio. Beyond aesthetics, outdoor lighting serves multiple purposes. Security and safety play a large role in most outdoor lighting plans, and if they don’t, you should rethink your plans.

Safety should always be your main concern when planning out lighting, whether that is residential or commercial. Start off by making plans to keep all pathways heavily lit. Keeping walkways free of shadows will prevent falling and robberies.

Essential spots for exception lighting would include the front door, garden paths, and side doors. Anything else is simply aiding those areas or completely decorative. Stairs should always be well lit.

Adding flower pots on each step will make it more obvious that there is a change in elevations. Keep them out of the majority of the pathway. There are a few options for lighting stairs.

First, you can light each individual step. For this, you can use flexible LED light strips. Ensure they are snug and in place or else the light strips will actually cause falls themselves.

Under tread lighting is more of a permanent solution and looks very sophisticated and poses no threats for tripping. Alternatively, lighting can case light down onto the stairs. This sort of fixture is mounted on a post or stair railing. Standalone post lights or bollards are perfect for stairs.

Outdoor lighting offering security:

Security lighting may turn on and off as someone approaches the area. This is great for deterring robbers or dangerous intruders. Even when you are away from home, at work, or on a week-long vacation, it is comforting knowing your safety lighting will assist your other security measures such as cameras.

These lights are called motion-lights and can be purchased at most home important stores. However, knowing where to place them is key, and Sanford Electric is well-informed on the matter. If you have nocturnal animals outside and do not wish to displace them, be mindful of where outdoor lighting is placed.

If you have bears or other unwelcome animals, outdoor lighting may actually help you keep them at bay. Many people assume putting on the front porch light is sufficient security. They do not take into account patterns.

Turning on and off lights create notifications for intruders- leading them to figure out when you are home and not. For energy efficiency concerns, timers are perfect.

Timers can turn lights off on a  schedule no matter if you are home or not. Keep in mind, this is not a security measure on its own. Criminals watch homes lighting schedules, so they can pounce when lights go off.

Security lights:

There are lighting fixtures now that are “smart”. Manufacturers have made apps to control lights from home or thousands of miles away from home. Our lighting experts are happy to walk you through these security and aesthetic options.

Call today or whenever is a good time for you. Stay safe and keep your distance from others in public. Enjoy the upcoming 4th of July holiday!

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