Last week, we started to share about the basic wires used in modern, residential wiring. Although we know many are out of work, we guarantee to deliver quality service at a fair price. If you are in the market for updating home wiring, renovations, or updating part of your home’s wiring, give affordable electricians a call.

Affordable electricians:

Now, let’s continue our discussion picking up where we left off last time. As electricians are trained to know, there is usually one or more hot (or current carrying) wires, one neutral wire, and one ground wire. Instead of a NM cable, individual wires may be installed int he inside of a rigid or flexible metal plastic tubing called conduit.

Conduit is usually used where the wiring will be explored. Most of the time, it is not hidden inside walls, floors, or ceilings. These larger wires inside of homes are carrying circuit voltage.

They can be very dangerous to touch because of this. There are several wires in the home that carry much lesser amounts of low voltage current. Those are much less dangerous, so are you catching on?

Leave the dangerous work to those trained and experienced at Sanford Electric Company. If you were to get severely hurt at home trying to replace your own wiring, you will have to seek emergency medical attention.

During this pandemic, you do not want to be at the hospital. We cannot stress enough that now more than ever, do not attempt dangerous wiring work on your own if you are unexperienced, or trained to do so. When the worry is the total bill, email or give us a call to ease your mind.

Our electricians are swift and knowledgable in fixing a wide range of electrical issues. So, until you know what it is exactly that you are dealing with, it is quite fair to treat them all as dangerous.

NM cable:

Often called the Romex, a popular brand name, NM calble is a type of circuit wiring designed for interior use in dry locations. Most NM cables have a flattened, tubular shape. They run through walls and floor cavities of homes being hidden away for safety, practicality, and vanity.

Pretty much all wiring in outlets and light fixtures in modern homes is NM cable. The most common sizes of these wires are fourteen, twelve, ten, eight, and six-gauge. The amperage ratings (amp) are fifteen, twenty, thirty, forty, and fifty-five amp circuits.

NM cable is sold with a color coded outer jacket to indicate the gauge. However, we do not recommend you ever trying to touch NM cable. It is dangerous to handle while the circuit handles are carrying voltage. Stop by next time to learn about more cables used in our home’s wiring.

Remember to be safe and avoid touching any wires. Be safe and stay home if possible! Thank you to all of our frontline workers!

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