In our recent blog, we shared many ways to get a home ready for a hurricane or other weather emergency. Preparing a home before a storm keeps you and those that live close to you safer than if you did not prepare. Today, we are sharing ways to start long-term planning with the help of our local electric company.

Long-term planning for weather emergencies:

Even if you are not expecting a weather emergency to affect you within the next few days, it is never too early to be prepared. Long-term planning may look a bit different than the usual weather emergency planning. We have previously shared ways Central Floridians can prepare for hurricanes and tropical storms, but it is also important to do regular long-term planning when you have the ability.

For when a disaster does strike, it is at your utmost advantage to have an updated homeowners insurance. Having the correct coverage is important and may save you from spending thousands all at once following a disaster. How exactly will you know if you have the best insurance or insurer?

Compare all of your options by getting quotes from at least five local companies. Consumer Reports is a great place to start. For those living in Sanford, flood risks may be a real threat to your home. Lake Monroe and other nearby bodies of water have risen in past storms and may do the same again one day.

Flood risk:

Discuss your flood risk and flood insurance options to best prepare for any weather emergency. According to the National Flood Insurance Program, about ninety percent of all natural disasters include some form of flooding. About twenty percent of claims come from areas at low or moderate risk.

A plan for a moderate or low risk property runs at about four hundred twenty dollars per year. Depending on where you live in Sanford, you may own a home that is at high risk for flooding. Take into account ponds, lakes, and rivers.

Flood insurance does not come into effect until thirty days after purchase, so it is actually necessary to plan far ahead on this one. You will want to purchase flood insurance well before you see any storms on the news.

Private insurers may sell excess flood insurance above more common maximums. To get an accurate assessment of your flood risk, visit FEME Flood Map Service Center. Enter your address for the official flood insurance rate map for your area.

Emergency funds:

Your trustworthy local electric company understands not everyone can afford to save up for natural disasters. However much you can afford, even if it is five dollars a month, put it away for home emergencies. This may be used in a plethora of ways.

For example, if you need to evacuate but need new tires put on your car, driving through rain will be very dangerous. Using that emergency fund for any expense life this may save your life.

About four in ten Americans do not have enough savings to cover a four hundred dollar emergency expense according to the 2018 Federal Reserve survey.

Avoid putting your family at risk over four hundred dollars and start saving this month! Discuss the ways Sanford Electric II, your local electric company, can improve your home’s electrical safety. Here in Central Florida, we usually have at least one storm a year that creates a power outage for a short time or long.

Discover your options for keeping your family safe and comfortable with a quick in-person or phone consultation. When it comes to storm preparedness, you can trust our experienced electricians.

Happy New Years from your local electric company, and thank you for being a loyal customer!

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