Having a dream home in mind is not an unusual thing for most Americans. There is a style you prefer and quality you expect in a dream home. A grand impression in each room and feeling of comfort is to be expected in a dream home after all.

You can snap your fingers, and it all comes into fruition in your dreams as well. In real life, it may not be as simple. However, Sanford Electric Company II, Inc. lighting experts can transform your existing house, or new construction, into your dream home.

There is new decor, but something is missing:

Ask a supermodel what the most important thing is. She will tell you it is all about lighting. Of course, architecture, interior design, and music can make a room feel great. But lighting is what transforms a mansion into a cover of major magazines.

No doubt, a couch has to be the right size for a room. If it is too large, it will make the room look smaller and also make guests feel confined with no room to walk around. The feeling of “stay put” comes to mind.

Having the right size couch is important but not as detrimental as fitting lighting. Imagine walking into a room with a beautiful deep blue, velvet sofa. It is inviting, yet formal and proper. That same room has soft gold and white, dreamy curtains blowing in the wind.

Unfortunately, that same room has a large, harsh, and hot chandelier. The designer picked a lighting fixture that is hip and trendy, but it is not their fault they are not experts on lighting. Interior design is only half the project required to evolve a space.

Upgrading lighting with an expert can make a house look and feel entirely different. With up-to-date lighting and energy saving installs, you are investing in your home’s value, unlike buying a new couch and curtains. Ultimately, when selling a home, buyers do not pay attention to the decor because it will not be left behind.

Lighting hits angles and edges the eye would not have caught otherwise. Arches, walkways, and even art pieces are just blended into one impressive room. With the proper lighting, art collectors can proudly highlight their pieces striking attention in multiple places in a room.

Perfect lighting on Valentine’s Day:

lightingArrange a private, romantic dinner for you and your loved one. Make it the one in movies everybody with they had in real life. You may even choose to pop the big question!

Place a small table in a scenic area or even in the backyard with a good view of the moon. Gather your loved one’s favorite type of flowers and chocolates. Put a few flowers in a petite vase making sure it is low enough to keep a clear view of each other.

Cook a fine cuisine, and plate it on your best china. Make a cocktail or cocktail with fragrant garnishes. After all of the hard work, remember the most important detail- lighting. Dim the recessed lights installed by electricians if you are outside on the porch.

Light your candles and string the garden lights. You may even set up this lovely dinner with a view of your exceptional, personal Valentine’s Day gift.

lightingThis Valentine’s Day, print out a large wedding picture, or any special picture of you and your loved one. Mount it on the wall, and put a light directed towards it with the help of a lighting specialist. The goal for most art pieces and family pictures is to make the piece the focal point and not the light source itself. Let’s discuss the different lights you may need to bring attention to that sweet tear jerker.

Lighting Art:

You do not need to be an art collector to desire highlighting important pictures. Hanging a gorgeous picture on the wall is a nice piece of decor. But adding a light directed onto a piece can completely transform its impact- especially when the end goal is a gesture to remember.

Next week, we will discuss more ways for lighting art. Lighting is our passion at Sanford Electric Company II, Inc. Entrust us with your home’s reachable potential. Stop by next week as we discuss this topic further and dive much deeper.

We hope you have a seamless Valentine’s Day with our tips!

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