Light switches are just another household basic. We pass them all day long. We use them often. Now, many people incorporate them into their decor designs and home updating.

A new part of decor:

light switchesSwitches are, of course, necessary for any home with electricity. But the appearance of light switches can change the feel of a room. Walking into a room, the first thing you see is the door. Next, you see the light switch. The type of light switch you has makes an impact on you and your guests without you even realizing it.

Having a classic toggle shows you are classic. It may also mean you are frugal and decorate in other ways. If you would like to update your home to increase your home’s future resale value, or if you would just like to make the “bones” of your house look modern, take a look into new switches.


Dining rooms in particular have been the most room to have dimmers installed. Having a romantic or formal dinner calls for the proper ambience. And with ambiance, lighting is everything. However, dimmers may be placed in bedroom, bathroom, and just about any room to improve the feel and appearance.

A rotary dimmer is the most common type of dimmer switch. The knob is round and rotates clockwise and counterclockwise. As you do so, the light intensity changes. Pushing in on the knob usually turns the light off or rotating it all the way to the left.

One type of dimmer has an on and off toggle as well as a sliding dimmer. You may slide the dimmer to the setting you like. If you turn off the light using the toggle and turn it back on, the light will come on at the same intensity you set it to. For rooms that have plenty of natural lighting, this is a must.

The sliding dimmer is perfect for rooms you’d like to keep all lights turned off in during the day. During the morning and at night, a low lighting option is available.

If you don’t like the look of the other dimmers, the dimmer switch is subtle and looks very similar to a regular, classic toggle. This does the same job as the sliding dimmer, but may not be as obvious to guests.

Speak to professionals at Sanford electric Company about programmable timer and switches. This one is a little more complicated but can be very useful. The lights can be programmed to come on and turn off at scheduled times. If you need light immediately, you can just push the button. These are clever and great for vacations. Schedule your lights to be turned on and off while you are away to keep robbers away. Your house will not appear to be vacant.

A wall control dimmer controls and dims several lights. It can be programmed to turn on a combination of lights at a chosen brightness with the touch of the button.

Special light switches:

For a fan or fluorescent light, you must use a special switch rated for these specific devices. Special switches can do everything a familiar toggle switch can do. Some special switches can turn on when a person enters a room. Some can even vary the speed of whole-house fans.

Different special-duty switches can be time-programmed. They may even let you know when a remote light is on or off. Decorative switches are a whole new ballgame. Decorative switches are available in styles that turn, rock, or slide as opposed to toggle.

An occupant switch is great for energy savings. It has a built-in motion detector which turns on and off lights when someone enter the room. It turns off on its own at a programmed time after the last motion is detected.

We want to thank you for reading this week’s blog. Consider speaking with specialists at Sanford Electric Company to improve the efficiency and look of your home. Call us today!

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