Smart homes are more than just convenient, they save energy, reduce electricity usage, allows you to monitor security, customizable to lifestyle, and gives you peace of mind the doors and windows are properly locked. Having these smart home devices installed also increases the value of your property. 

With all this sophisticated technology, comes complex electrical installation. Unlike traditional homes, which are wired room to room and fixture to fixture, smart home technology requires multiple interconnected devices and a single control hub, which means more wiring is necessary. 

Just imagine, all you need to say is “Get ready for bed”, and your voice command automatically responds by dimming the lights in the living room, setting the coffee maker timer and your alarm, locking the doors, and soft music starts playing in the bedroom.  

Or, on your way home from work you can lower the thermostat, so your home is nice and cool when get there, turn the lights on, and even start dinner, all with your smart device. 

This and a lot more is possible, with the help of home automation protocols and an experienced electrician. This convenience requires in-wall transmitters, whole-house surge protection, neutral wires,  deep junction boxes, non-automation loads, and much more.

You may be tempted to handle what seems like a pretty straight forward job, but experts recommend not to attempt any electrical work yourself. Why? Better safe than sorry. Not only are you in danger of getting hurt, but not saying up to code can be a big legal matter.

“Electric work requires specialized knowledge, tools, and training. Whether you are tackling a do-it-yourself remodeling job or dealing with a broken circuit breaker, flickering lights, or nonworking power outlets, when it comes to electricity, it’s usually best to call in an expert. If handled incorrectly, electrical issues can be dangerous to your family and your home,” Better Business Bureau

Working with electricity and incorporating smart devices into your home can be overwhelming. The experts at Sanford Electric Company can provide you with necessary upgrades to seamlessly merge your smart devices with your electrical system. 

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