In recent weeks, our readers have gained useful insight. Our electrician advice educates readers how lighting can change the appearance and feeling of each room in a house. To make changes around your house on a budget, contact Sanford Electric Company’s experts and learn about hurricane season preparation.

Kitchen lighting:

Last week, we shared a few ways Central Floridians can improve their home with as few as twenty dollars up to a whole room remodel. Our Sanford electricians and lighting professionals are experts at improving the way a room shines.

First off, think of where you do the most tasks in a kitchen. The sink, counters, and stoves see most of the action. Therefore, these areas should be the best lit.

Together, these areas compound to create beautiful, practical layers of light. Lighting can impact both safety and style- as we discussed in our last article. Discuss this with our company to dissect each area in your kitchen.

For those starting from the ground up, you are at an advantage. While remodeling or building a new home, discuss lighting that grants both safety and style. Remember to focus on the sink and counters. You may have great options for chandeliers or pendants over the sink area or ambient under cabinet lighting features.

Lighting plans:

In a basic lighting plan for a typical kitchen, a ceiling mounted fixture with undercabinet fixtures provide task lighting for the counters. Soffit lighting provides task lighting above the sink. A pendant can provide a style statement and ambient lighting over the kitchen island or meal area.

This is a very traditional lighting plan. It is adequate for many kitchens and may be heavily improved with a dimmer installed. Energy efficient light bulbs do bring the intentions to a brighter tomorrow!

For a medium kitchen, install cove lighting along two opposite kitchen walls to provide ambient lighting, light that bounces off the ceiling. Recessed downlights or ceiling-mounted central fixtures primarily point light straight down. Instead, consider valance lighting above the sink and undercabinet lighting to provide ample task lighting.

For a good rule of thumb: ambient kitchen lighting should be five thousand to ten thousand lumens. Task, sink, and range lighting should have a minimum of 450 lumens in each area.

Hurricane season preparation:

Before moving onto bathroom lighting, we wish to share with you once again the dates for tax free hurricane preparation days. Although Florida does not get snow or a range of colorful trees in the Fall, we sure do have a hurricane season. Today, we entered hurricane season.

With hurricane season comes empty grocery store shelves, something many of us have been seeing for months now. Instead of feeling uncertain, worried, and unprepared, stock up now on the essentials. Budget for a generator if you do not already have one from last hurricane season.

Remember generators can be used for football season and outdoor birthday parties too. The possibilities are endless. Contact our office to discuss implementing only the safest of electricity backup options.

Take note: Tax Free Disaster Days last until June 4th.

We will see you next time as we share ways to improve bathroom lighting on a budget.

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