With the help of Sanford Electric Company’s expertise, you can reduce your household costs and improve its energy efficiency. Last week, we discussed a few basic ways to become energy efficient. Today we want to dive a bit deeper and share other opportunities for becoming energy efficient.

Have more energy efficiency:

Depriving yourself of small indulgences such as drive-thru coffee, shopping trips, and eating at restaurants is not the most easy way a family can save money. Usually, it is things you cannot see. For example, the temperature in your home makes you feel comfortable, but adjusting it slightly will truly add up eventually leaving more dollars in your wallet.

energy efficiency Last blog, we shared tips about raising the temperature by a few degrees. It goes a long way for energy efficiency in the hotter hours of the day. In colder hours, lower the temperature, or turn off the heating altogether for ultimate energy efficiency. Additionally, residents may adjust the temperature more drastically if they plan to be out of the home for more than an hour or two.

The Department of Energy estimates one percent saving for every one degree you adjust your thermostat in an eight hour period. If you plan to be gone for over twenty-four hours, it may be more beneficial to turn off your heating and cooling system all together. The Department of Energy also recommends adjusting the thermostat seven to ten degrees from your normal settings for at least eight hours a day.

Just these two adjustments will rack up to a ten percent annual savings. Routinely check on the cleanliness of your air vents. A blocked air way will prevent the heating and cooling from running efficiently.

Simply splash a few tablespoons of white wine vinegar, or any other natural cleaning product, into a gallon of warm water. Unscrew the vent covers and thoroughly wipe them free of any dust or buildup. Repeating this every couple of months will assist your AC’s energy efficiency thus saving you money.

Turn the lights off:

The same goes for leaving the room. You might have the bad habit of having most lights on during the night to make you feel safer. However, this is not all that necessary.

At dark hours of night, a well lit room can actually help potential thieves learn your schedule. Alternatively, schedule a meeting with Sanford Electric to discuss safety option. Surveillance cameras and invisible fences are more directly related to your safety than lights left on.

Turning off lights and adjusting the home’s temperature will help you achieve your goals for saving money. With summer weather already here in Florida, do an energy efficiency walk-through. Do you research and confirm that your systems are sufficient sizes for your home.

Spend some, save more:

energy efficiency An air conditioner that is too small for a home will have to work harder which makes your electric bill higher. Invest in a larger, energy efficient air conditioner and heating system to save you money and heartache. This will also add value to your home.

Do not let your family sit in the heat for days until a technician can come take a look. That is not summer fun. Avoid using your oven.

Instead, pop outside and use your grill. Ovens make a home’s temperature much higher depending on the size of the home.

Lastly, do your own research and decide whether or not you can afford a new “smart” thermostat. This incredible home upgrade can be installed by our experienced electricians in as little as one day. Call to schedule an appointment before the high temperature days hit you hard.

A smart thermostat can do the tedious, monotonous task of adjusting the temperature throughout the day. Simpler smart thermostats can be programmed with a temperature schedule you would like it to abide by.

Certain smart thermostats can learn your habits on its own. This allows you to be in comfortable temperatures leaving residents feeling as if they have not sacrificed anything.

We invite you to speak with us about any of your energy efficiency questions. Our family owned business would like to help your family be comfortable while saving money these upcoming summer months! Stop by next time for more useful news.

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