Before walking into a home, the outdoor lighting can either pull you in or push you away. A dark yard with a creepy, unlit porch is the antithesis of a warm welcome. Instead, consult electricians at Sanford Electric Company on your outdoor lighting dreams.

Create an inviting home exterior:

exterior lighting Investing and updating outdoor lighting increases property value immensely. Next time you are driving through an impressive neighborhood, compare the homes with and without outdoor lighting. Those with outdoor lighting are valued higher and sell for more.

With the moving season amongst us, take into consideration minor exterior improvements that drastically increase the likelihood of receiving what your house is worth or more.  Schedule residential electrical updates before scheduling showings. Once you show a house, a potential buyer may move along to the next house.

Homes owners looking to stand out on the block need the overall package. Sure, the inside of a house needs updated lighting, but what really makes a house stand out is the exterior. You cannot get someone in the door if the exterior is lacking something special.

Exterior lighting in front yards, driveways, and porches makes a lasting first impression. Guests or future buyers feel guided into the house with an underlying sense of comfort. On the other hand, for an architecturally unique home, exterior lighting can make edges and arches a focal point.

What do you want from exterior lighting?:

For home owners simply wanting to stay put, there may be an aspect of the home missing. There is a question each person should ask themselves before investing in any sort of exterior lighting. What is the purpose of the lighting?

Would you like the exterior of your home to look more substantial, feel more romantic, or do you want to highlight an impressive fountain. Convey to your landscape artist and electrician the end goal of this home improvement. Always tell them about any security concerns as well.

Moving on to the back of your house, landscape lighting can put your mind at ease. By illuminating otherwise shadowy sections of your property, there should be no part of your property for criminals to approach. Security cameras can be of better use to you if areas are well lit. If you have had problems areas in the past, speak to security specialists for their expert opinions.

When entrusting others with your vision, it is always a great idea to make a sketch. Hack into your inner child and just doodle what you want. Make a dream board while you’re at it.

Turn on your favorite home improvement shows or mosey down the architecture books aisle. Take note of what you like about the exterior. Chances are, there are lights accentuating those details or spaces.

Where lighting should be placed:

exterior lighting Surfaces either reflect or absorb light. While dining areas may need to be well illuminated, others may need soft lighting. For example, a fire pit area does not need much light because the fire is the focal point and main source of light.

Soft lights may be put into the ground around the fire pit seating. This is similar to recessed lighting in ceilings, but it is just the opposite. It is inside the concrete and shines up towards the sky. Small lights may also be installed around the sides of the fire pit itself.

A calming effect can be implemented with soft lighting underneath shrubbery. Classic stake lights may be lined in pathways. Any source of lighting that does not run off of solar energy will require an energy source.

Discuss how much energy your exterior lighting will require. Timers are energy efficient and provide a way to save money and bulbs while staying on your neighbors good side. Have you ever had a neighbor that has a light pointed directly into your bedroom window?

Well, we have, but a team consisting of a landscape artist, skilled electrician, and realtor will have your home improved in no time. Speak of time- do not waste time, and make an appointment with our talented electricians for exterior lighting and any residential lighting needs!

Summer is quickly approaching. Provide the perfect place for backyard parties. You might be asked to host a backyard wedding!

We thank you for stopping by and hope you found a few ways to increase your property’s value as well as ambiance. Come back next time for more ways to keep your home safe and enjoyable!

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