Have you lived in the same home your entire life? Chances are, you have moved at least one time so far. Most families with children still in school choose to move during summer months. We would like to share how families can prevent themselves from getting trapped in a money pit, and how Sanford electricians can fix electrical issues once found.

Why no one wants to move during the winter:

Without a doubt, summer is the busiest time for moving. Although Central Floridians do not have to worry about winter, other states choose summer time to move because there aren’t any icy sidewalks and other dangers that are commonly presented in winter. For states that experience cold or snowy weather, it is obvious why summer months are most commonly preferred for moving.

Consider how dangerous and challenging it would be to move every belonging into a moving van. Now, consider how nervous you and your loved ones would feel driving on wet slippery roads. Additionally, moving in cold temperature lead to numb hands which makes heavy lifting and carrying that much more complicated.

Wooden furniture, electronics, and many other items can be damaged and unusable after getting snowed on. If wet items are packed up, they may become moldy and or freeze. Imagine the devastation of finding your antiques or old family photographs have been ruined.

Downsizing and thrifting during a summer move:

Summer is the most ideal time of year for garage sales. This couldn’t be a better time to move. Picture it, you are packing up and finding hundreds of items you do not need, use, or want anymore.

Simply, host a garage sale and donate what you do not sell. Put the earnings towards moving costs and voila! Alternatively, buy a few great finds at reasonable prices and chuck them on the moving truck to enjoy at the next place.

Why summer is a great time to move for families:

If you never had to experience switching schools once the fall semester started, thank your parents. It is stressful on children of all ages, especially high schools students, to switch schools once the year has started. Even if the kids do not have to switch schools, they surely do not want to disrupt their studies and social life to pack and unpack at a new home.

Because of all of this, summer is the most popular time of the year for families to move. Whether this means selling or buying a home, or both, summer is most convenient time for moving especially families with kids still in school. Summer is a social season.

Kids ages five to eighteen years old are out of school making it much easier to meet the other kids in their new neighborhood. Kids play outside, go to the local park, mall, and movie theater. Parents often enroll kids in camps, schedule sleepovers, and organize playdates to keep their children entertained.

Not only do the kids build friendships through these children oriented meet-ups but the parents often bond as well. All in all, moving in the summer means people of every age have a better chance of acclimating more quickly to a new area.

If your child is a newly high school graduate, college is around the corner. You may have toured their dorm room or found a nice rental. Either way, before moving into a new place, consider the electrical issues that need updating.

Electrical upgrades shouldn’t be surprises after buying a home:

Buying a home, old or new construction, comes with a long list of to-dos. For one, an inspection is imperative to calming your nerves. A home inspection can reveal a whole laundry list of issues, but do not consider it a dead end.

Your realtor may negotiate the price more or create and addendum for the issues that need to be addressed. If there are electrical issues, these should be your first priority.

It is far more convenient to have electrical upgrades done before you begin unpacking into your new home. Although, it is easier to do electrical upgrades in an empty home, Sanford Electric Company is extremely experienced in upgrading an electrical system in an occupied home. Electricians have the capabilities of doing necessary electrical upgrades to homes with or without boxes already unpacked.

Next time, we are excited to share ways our electricians lookout for electrical repairs in homes to save clients from future heartache. We will also share the most common electrical repairs older homes need, so for anyone buying a fixer upper, stay tuned. Contact us if you are choosing a fixer upper or buying your next home.

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