Previously, we discussed the importance of leaving even the simplest repairs to qualified electricians. Sanford Electric Company II offers these services to the Central Florida area. Read further to delve deeper in this important discussion.

Be warned of dangers:

There are many repairs in a home which the family can team up and tackle. However, for safety reasons, electrical repairs really should not be a part of that list. Electrical repair mistakes cannot always be fixed.

People working on minor electrical repairs can get electrocuted. Repairs are not the only dangers. Electrical upgrades pose many threats.

Installing new fans, chandeliers, and other upgrades requiring electrical wiring are dangerous for most people. Simply watching a YouTube tutorial or home improvement show is not enough to be informed of the dangers. Aiming to save yourself the cost of an electrician may end up costing you a hospital stay.

Take a look around your home weekly. Check to make sure all appliances are working properly. Be mindful of your refrigerator’s temperature.

The same goes for your air conditioner. Frequently, check on the temperature your air conditioner is producing and maintaining. Doing timely check ups around the house on your own time, you can pick up on small changes in your home.

For example, an area may feel hotter because an outlet is giving off heat. A small appliance may smell odd because it is not energy efficient and heating up. The smell of smoke or heat should always be alarming.

Immediately unplug lamps or nearby light sources when you smell this. If the smell does not subside, look for the closet small appliances plugged in. Try unplugging them as well.

After these steps, if the smell still lingers, immediately contact our electricians of Sanford Electric Company II. Ask your trusted electricians if your electrical panels need to be replaced. Outdated electrical systems are not only dangerous but can decrease the value of your home if you ever choose to sell your house.

Safety is everything:

Older homes were built with a lot less amps and circuits compared to today’s models. These older systems, such as ones in our beautiful city of Sanford, were not designed to handle modern technology and electrical demands. This is often overlooked.

The charm and history in older homes hold value, but you should always verify that everything electrical is up to date for your safety. Circuit breakers are designed to prevent catastrophes.

Electrical systems in many older homes do not have reliable circuit breakers that trip when they need to. Dangerous overloads can cause electrical fires.  Circuit breakers should do just that, break the circuit.

When the circuit it overloaded, fires can begin. The smell of smoke or the feeling of heat should give you a warning of approaching danger. You can never overreact in this situation. This is an emergency.

Outdated wiring:

If your lights dim as your begin using appliances, this is a sign your circuit breaker needs to be replaced. Also, if your circuit breakers trip regularly, this is a sign the circuit breaker really needs to be inspected.

Basically, you should get a sufficient inspection done prior to buying an older home. If you choose to buy an older home post inspection, do regular check ups with experienced electricians. As any home requires updating, trust us to give you fair pricing and exceptional service.

The first step during upgrades is usually replacing the panel. This way, the new panel can bring in more power to your home from the utility to your home. The second step of common upgrades includes adding circuits so the power can distribute the power to your rooms and appliances.

Overall, an upgrade process may include replacing used cable, old cable wires, and receptacles. As wires gain wear and tear, electrical currents are not transferred efficiently or properly. The excess energy is transferred to heat and can spark a fire or electrocute those repairing it.

The lifespan of the your appliances may be cut short due to faulty wiring. They may not be capable of managing the power in a safe manner as it did before. All in all, faulty wiring can cause an appliance such as a dishwasher, dryer, and microwave to wear out too quickly.

Keeping your home’s electrical system up to date will keep your family safe from electrical fires. A properly functioning electrical system can prevent home owners from buying new appliances often. Lastly, updating makes your home more valuable and appealing to buyers.

Thank you for stopping by and reading this Part Two. We hope we can spread the safety information to keep families safe. Contact our office today for just about all of your electrical needs!

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