Electrical issues may go way over your head, and that is okay. Call up Sanford electricians to check out any concerns around your home or place of business. We take safety and budget into mind when caring for any electrical issues.

Ensuring your electrical system is ready for the holidays:

During the last few weeks, we have discussed circuits overload problems and prevention. If you missed those previous blogs, check them out, and hurry back here. Get caught up, and then you can catch up here.

With Halloween approaching, you may be pulling out all of the decorations you have stored away over the years. Trying to make it fun for the little ones, and adults too, residents desire to make their home festive and funky. However, you may quickly notice you have too many decorations for your home’s electrical circuits.

If you did the math, or have experienced circuit overloads, call our electricians to offer any solutions to your home’s, or business’s limitations. Possibly, you may have more outlets installed. Otherwise, you may speak with your Sanford electricians about a more serious wiring replacement job.

Soon after Halloween, Thanksgiving plans with quickly be in the works. Family may be calling to come stay at your place while they are in town for Thanksgiving dinner. Likewise, you may plan on inviting extended family that live out of town, and you want to make sure they are comfortable and well taken care of while being your house guest.

Electrical problems may arise if there are too many little ones using blow-up mattresses or toys. Every room may have a television or computer using large amounts of electrical flow. Not to mention, during Thanksgiving day, the family enjoys playing music on your stereo system, the television is on for children to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade, and you are using the just about every kitchen appliance you own.

Your home may need some updating for the plans you, and Sanford electricians are there for you. Let’s not even get started about Christmas just around the corner. Imagine all of the lights and new toys that will be using plenty of power. You do want to experience a “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” situation.

Halloween decor advice from Sanford electricians:

So, while you are planning out your Halloween decor for this upcoming tick or treat festivities, look out for major signs for electrical danger. If an outlet is buzzing or warm to the touch, call one of our experienced electricians to give you some options for preventing an electrical fire. Do not ignore small signs similar to this as they can amount to a large, disastrous house fire.

If you plug in a large Halloween decoration and notice the lights flicker. Unplug the decoration. Either your decoration is going to have to wait until an electrician comes out to monitor the electrical capacity, or you will have an overloaded circuit.

For example, a six food inflatable decoration may be using sixty watts per hour. If you leave this plugged in all day, twenty-four hours, that is 1.44 kWh. Monetarily, that is not too much at about five dollars for the entire month. But in electrical terms, that is a lot of energy, and a potential electrical fire threat.

Always monitor your decorations, inspect them carefully before plugging them in this Halloween season. Check for burnt out lights, cracks or chewed up wires, and any other unusual changes in your decor. For your house and family’s safety, do not leave your decor turned on overnight.

Our Sanford electricians may even be able to go throughout your home and point out appliances that do not need to be plugged in day in and day out. There may be appliances you just do not notice that a fresh pair of eyes may catch.

Thank you for stopping by! We are excited to keep sharing tips for you and your family’s safety. Stop by next time for more electrical information from Sanford Electricians at Sanford Electric Company II, Inc.

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