According to Orlando Regional Realtors Association, Orlando home sales continue to surge despite the COVID-19 struggles. In the last four months, sales have skyrocketed. With house prices higher than last year’s median sold price, we understand the importance of recognizing electrical fire hazards in your home on your own or through a professional inspection.

Have an eye for electrical issues:

When touring homes listed for sale, having the ability to recognize electrical issues is extremely valuable. For most buyers in the market, the time frame to find a new home is usually under sixty days from touring to closing. Electricity is something many Americans take for granted.

Where there is darkness, there is a switch nearby ready to give us the light we need. Electricity illuminates our homes, our businesses, and stores. Our electricity supplies us with cool air during our hottest hours and the rare cold nights.

However, electrical issues are responsible for more than fifty thousands preventable house fires every year. Although many of the electrical dangers in homes are hidden away behind walls, there are warning signs to lookout for. Being proactive can be the difference between saving your cherished home and a midnight house fire.

Warning signs of fire hazards:

Every house has a scent, and most buyers will agree with that after a day of house hunting. Even so, some smells may be more out of the ordinary. Odors, smells, and funky scents are indicators of fire hazards.

New appliances can give off odors just after being installed. This may be caused by the fresh paint, cleaning product, or another superficial issue. Nevertheless, if you detect an odd smell coming from an electrical outlet, unplug anything that is connected to it.

We understand you may be advised not to touch anything while touring a home for sale. Definitely do so if this smell is in your home. After about twenty minutes, see if the smell lingers.

Even if it does not, it is safest to leave everything unplugged that was plugged into that outlet until it has been carefully inspected by a certified electrician. More importantly, call an electrician immediately if your breaker panel or fuse box is emitting odor.

Arc-fault circuit interrupters:

Another common cause of electrical fires are arc faults. These issues occur when an electrical circuit veers off its intended path. It is usually caused by a breach in the wiring.

Arc faults are preventable. Through the installation of the divide called an arc-fault circuit interrupter, these type of electrical issues and fires can be prevented. For short, professionals call these devices AFCIs.

An experienced electrician, trained by Sanford Electric Company II, can surely install this device at an affordable price. While the device themselves are a bit pricey, they are very worth the investment. They are especially recommended in structures with degraded electrical wiring.

Follow up next time to continue your research on electrical fire prevention. We hope to hear from you and wish to share insight for electrical wire repairs. Inquire today if you need an inspection or quote.

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