It can be difficult for an older electrical panels to keep up with today’s electronics and new appliances. The demand for energy can create problems such as frequently tripping breakers due to overloaded circuits. Having your electrical panel upgraded can not only solve this issue, but prevent a dangerous problem from happening.

Signs your electrical panel needs replaced 

Breakers that trip frequently 

Circuit breakers trip because they are old or overloaded. Older panels may even make cracking sounds. 

Reliance on extension cords and power strips 

If you are having to use extension cords to accommodate your electrical needs throughout your home, it is time to upgrade your panel. This will also reduce the potential of a fire that a power strip can cause. 

Lights dim when appliances are turned on 

This is a big sign your system is not able to handle your electrical needs. In order to meet the electrical demand, the overloaded circuit is channeling electricity from other parts of the home (usually light fixtures) to the appliance. 

Sparks or burning smell

Sparks, warm outlets, or burning odors, are often a sign of a faulty circuit or deteriorated wiring. 

Safety First 

The second leading cause of home fires is electrical malfunctions and failures, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Power transfer equipment, lighting, and electrical distribution accounted for half of these. Other contributing factors included aging electrical systems, overloaded circuits, short circuits and arc faults. 

Increasing Amperage 

The main breaker, inside every panel, which is responsible for turning off all the power to the building, along with several bus bars and circuit breakers. By looking at the main breaker, you should be able to find the panel’s current amperage capacity. To have dedicated circuits installed or increase this capacity, required by the National Electric Code (NEC) for large appliances and some small ones, you will need to have the panel upgraded and home rewired by a licensed electrician. 

An updated electrical panel will save you in the long run

Updating your electrical panel will create a safer system, lower home insurance costs, and lower electric bills.

Have An Electrical Problem?

If you have any type of electrical issue within your home or business, Sanford Electric Company is here to help. We provide a wide range of electrical services throughout Central Florida.

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