One of the most costly repairs in a house is the air conditioning unit. For Floridians, this can be the worst case scenario. Here are ways to prevent your air conditioner from breaking how how much energy it’s using.

Stay cool on the cheap:

energyCooling off can cost a pretty penny in Florida. For this reason, Floridians in the market for a home look at the age and power of the air conditioning unit. In the past we shared tips and tricks for saving money on your electric bill.

This week, we want to share ways to save money as well as prevent your air conditioner from breaking. What else could a Floridian, or home owner in general, ask for? Anywhere you go these next few months, the south will be burning up.

Temperatures have been in the eighties and nineties and there is no cooling down in the near future. Consider making these new, frugal habits a part of your life. First off, closing blinds and curtains can assist your air conditioning unit to work less.

energyThe heat can beam through your windows even with blinds and curtains closed. If remodeling was already in your upcoming plans, consider investing in energy saving windows. A low-cost option for altering windows can be as simple as buying blackout curtains to replace sheer, linen curtains. These can be found at popular stores such as Target, Walmart, Amazon, and Bed Bath and Beyond.

Tips and tricks:

From about twenty to thirty dollars a panel, home owners and renters alike have the potential of saving hundreds in the long run. This simple fix not only updates the appearance of your home, but it also saves a large deal of cash on your electricity bill. Discuss other ways of conserving energy with Sanford Electric Company’s energy experts.

These next few months will bring upon spontaneous dips in the pool or trips to the beach. Moms and dads will be busy doing more loads of laundry as children and teens are out of school. Consider selling an outdated washer and dryer and update to energy efficient machines to save hefty change.

Similarly, limit the amount and the duration of showers your family takes. Take quick, cool showers as taking hot showers in the summer leads to hot bodies. This eventually means a person will want to turn on a fan or lower the AC temperature.

Share the importance of implement these helpful summer habit to your family members. It can be encouraging to share that this money can be put towards your next family trip!

Prevent your air conditioner from breaking:

The sad truth is, air conditioners in Central Florida break down while they are working the hardest, the summer months. The home’s temperatures raise which makes the units work harder. To avoid a hot, sweaty, and miserable dilemma this summer, use the following ways to prevent your AC unit from breaking.

air conditioner Of course, everything eventually breaks down and needs repairs or replacing at some point in time. But the lifespan of an AC unit can be extended by taking proper care of it. The simplest and most common ways of preventing damage is to replace your air filter on time.

This is similar to a car and oil changes. By replacing your air filter in a timely manner, your air conditioning unit can breath properly and not work as hard to produce cooler temperatures in the home. Change your filter once a month or every six weeks.

For homes with one or more pets, carpets, or birds, this time frame may need to be modified. Put a monthly reminder on your phone, so you do not make the mistake of forgetting. Many people do not know this, but your air conditioner can get an annual tune-up to carefully maintain its longevity.

Professionals can check for leakage or areas where leakage may be a possibility. Always keep the airways free from obstructions. Some believe it is best to close air vents in rooms they do not use often. Closing vents makes the air conditioner work harder, so this is not beneficial to your system.

Next time, we will continue to share ways to save energy and prevent your air conditioner from working. We also will share statistics and amounts of energy fans and air conditioners take to cool you off this summer. Thank you for coming back to learn about all things “energy”!

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