Electrical repairs may be simple, but that does not mean they should be done by anyone but professional electricians. For safety reasons, most electrical repairs should only be done by a professional electric company. Lucky for you, there is Sanford Electric Company II, Inc. serving families like yours.

Common electrical repairs:

The most common electrical repairs or ones you find on DIY shows should not be fixed by every day homeowners. Many ‘do it yourself’ women and men may beg to differ, but to be blunt, leave it to the professionals. Consider your safety and your family’s safety.

lightsSure, we encourage adults to change lightbulbs or turn off a breaker if need be. But there are many dangers that come with electrical repairs. Saving money usually has a great deal to do with it. Discuss your budget and your areas of concern to our electricians.

We desire to help families keep peace of mind while getting residential electrical repairs or upgrades. Onto the next most common concern with electrical safety, upgrades. With home improvement magazines, television shows, or social media, it is extremely common to want to spruce things up a bit.

A home is a family’s getaway and safe place. With upgrade ideas and electrical repairs staring you in the face, it can be hard to enjoy your vacation time. Until the to-do list is full of checks, your average homeowner will just want to escape the house and “get out”.

What to look out for:

Finally paying attention to your home’s problems areas will give your entire family a sense of relief and relaxation. There is comfort in knowing one of the basics in the home is working at the best of its abilities. If you are dealing with unusually high electric bills, it is likely you need an electrician to take a look around your home to figure out where the increase in costs came from.

Damaged appliances and temperamental lighting may be signs that your home’s circuit may be in poor working condition. Both of which are also signs you need the attention of an experienced electric company. Old circuits are often the reason people need an electrician’s help.

cordsOutdated, old circuits were not designed to power modern equipment. Think about it. Did you even have half the technology twenty years ago that you now have today?

If you have the same amount of technology relying on your home’s electricity as most American families do and your home is over twenty years old, it is time for an inspections and check-in. Our electricians are happy to inspect your home’s circuits and give informed recommendations. We may even spot silly mistakes.

For example, people do not always notice when extension cords and multiple devices reliant on a single outlet. Or it may be that they think will not cause any issue. Often times, the issue that requires  electrical repair is hidden out of sight.

Avoid small mistakes:

Behind walls and ceilings, there are countless areas in a home which may need electrical repairs not visible to you, but they may be causing a handful of problems. One of the first problems we are going to discuss is easy to do upsettingly enough. When a light fixture has a bulb with a higher wattage than what it has been designed for, we call this overloading.

bulbIt is very easy to do, especially if it is nighttime and you want to replace the bulb quickly. This can be dangerous because the excess energy is transferred to heat and can melt the insulation and socket. Potentially, this seemingly harmless mistake can start a fire.

Even once the bulb is removed, the damage can remain. Be sure to double and triple check when replacing bulbs around the house. If you ever feel heat coming from a light source, unplug it, and check if it is the correct wattage.

If lights flicker when it is windy, it may be caused by a frayed wire which causes a short when the cables move. This is dangerous as well, and it may start a fire. If you haven’t already guessed it, you should get this issue inspected by an electrician.

While there may be flexible devices that turn movement into energy, most homes simply run off of a normal power source. Because this sort of breakthrough will not be accessible to most American families, we recommend keeping up with your home’s electricity repairs.

Contact us as soon as you have any concerns. Better yet, allow us to do your family’s safety a great service by inspecting your home for any electrical issues. Thank you for stopping by, and come back next time for more common electrical repairs provided by Sanford Electric Company II, Inc.

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