Making a home safe for family members of all ages is paramount. There are simple steps you can take to ensure every child entering your home is safe from common electrical threats. Implement these preventative measures with the help of Sanford Electric Company II.

How to create a safe electrical environment:

Whether you are expecting your first child or are grandparents with young grandchildren, safety is always the foremost concerns. Children and electricity do not go together well. We would like to share the importance of thoroughly creating a safe space for younger ones.

First, take a look around the home. There should be at least one area you can put on the fix-it list. Our professionals are available to do a walk through and recommend the dangers that need to be addressed.

To baby-proof or child-proof, it helps to get down to their level. This goes beyond electrical dangers. Here, you can see their vantage point.

You may notice small choking hazards, but you may also come across wires that are split, knotted up, or unsecured. Our electricians can assist with this or completely take over this process. Experienced electricians recognize which wires are dangerous.

Many people believe plugging in outlet covers is the extent of baby-proofing they require. However, there are many more issues that can go unseen. Sanford Electric Electricians will be more knowledgable of seemingly harmless household dangers.

Children amount to about twenty percent of all electrical injuries. These incidents are highest amongst toddlers and adolescents. Infants putting metal objects inside electrical outlets is the most common cause of electrical injuries.

The human body is a great conductor for electric as we have electricity running through our bodies normally. This makes the probability of electrocution high. Although it goes without saying, some shocks are not life-threatening while others are absolutely fatal.

Child-proof your electrical outlets:

Because we previously mentioned electrical outlets, let’s start with how electricians can make these more child-proof. Babies love electrical outlets. Maybe they think they are toys, but they are obviously far from it.

Children imitate what we do daily whether you recognize it or it goes unnoticed. We literally teach them to say something after we repeat the word or phrase. As we plug things into the wall, our children begin to believe it is safe for them to do the same.

Be aware of what they are seeing. Try to use electrical outlets while your child is not looking. Once they begin to speak and comprehend commands, let them know they are dangerous.

Unfortunately, this is not a sufficient safety measure. Our Central Florida based company recommends tamper resistant receptacles. Many new construction or remodeled homes include this in the updating process.

If you have not made this electrical update, speak to us about the process. Tamper resistant receptacles have a very similar appearance to common regular electrical receptacles. The one noticeable difference is the vertical slots seem to be filled in with plastic.

Regular versus tamper resistant receptacles:

Regular electrical receptacles have open slots making it very easy for children to poke something into the outlet. If your house was built before 2008, it is very likely you still have these dangerous outlets.

Tamper resistant receptacles have spring loaded shutters that close off the openings to the contacts. The only way these shutters open is if the shutters are pushed simultaneously which should only ever happen if you are plugging something in.

Your baby would have to be very coordinated to pick up a plug and push it in evenly. Because your child will not be able to compress both sides at once, this makes it much safer for the moments you are blinking.

Newly built homes or remodels done after 2008 should have tamper resistant receptacles as it is required by the National Electrical Code. “TRR” or “TR” may be engraved in between the slots making it easy for you to check. Of course, the temper resistant receptacle does not need to be child-proofed.

Until Sanford Electrical Company II electricians come out to make the switch, temporarily child-proof your regular electrical receptacles. There are two styles of regular electrical outlets, the standard and the decora.

Next time, we will share temporary ways to child-proof your outlets. Check in swiftly to keep your little ones, disabled, and elderly safe! Call us today to make your home safe and keep your heart at ease.

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