Last week, we discussed one of the architectural lighting fixtures, cove lighting. This week, we are sharing about soffit lighting and more architectural lighting.

Soffit lighting:

Soffit lighting can be used indoors and outdoors. It is put in soffits or cornices near the ceiling. Soffit lighting can be installed in the interior or exterior of houses or buildings for lighting or ventilation.

Unlike the cove lighting, soffit lighting faces downward towards the floor or ground. This leaves the light washing the walls. This type of lighting fixture can be used on patios, porches, beams, and doorways.

There are many options to choose from for outdoor soffit lighting. First off, speak to an electrician at Sanford Electric Company II, Inc. to discuss which LED lights would be best for your outdoor soffit lighting.

Slim or low profile fixtures are best for soffits since the space inside soffits are usually smaller in height. Soffit lighting has become especially popular in residential, and commercial, electrical applications as decorate lighting or accent lighting. Using LED ceiling lights and accent lights can lead to a plethora of lighting options.

Combination of architectural lighting:

The combinations offer flexible design options. For example, home owners, and business owners, can choose between cool and warmer color options for their lighting depending on their choices. Wider beam angles can also offer larger coverage, so speak with professionals so we can explain all you need to know when choosing the right fixtures.

Alternatively, let the Sanford Electricians handle all the decision making to create the perfect lighting, for your home or business. Linear soffit lights can be found on business such as fast food restaurants. Recessed lights, canopy lights, and flush mount lights.

Under cabinet lights are a type of soffit lighting. Similarly, soffit lighting can be used under floating bathroom vanities, side tables, or tables. Tape lights are great for these locations as they are flexible and can be installed pretty easily.

However, any time you are working with electrical wires, you must be extremely careful and cautious. Leave the dangerous work to our experienced electricians. If your family does a lot of hosting, you may find that you make your way outside often.

Installing exterior lights is a great idea for folks like this. Exterior soffit lighting is also a great way to light up your surroundings to improve safety and decrease burglary. Gas stations use soffit lighting in their canopies for this exact reason.

They are bright, last long, and disperse light very well. Soffit lights work well in combination with cove lighting to create maximum depth and design character. For kitchens, recessed downlight are the most popular for interior soffit lighting. The same goes for bedrooms, living rooms, and hallways.

Valance lighting:

Valance lighting is not too far off from soffit lighting. This type of lighting is located in a wood, metal, or glass valance. It is usually placed above a window or high on a wall. The light for points both upwards or downwards.

The technique which bounces lights off of walls and ceilings is known as indirect lighting. This technique is a favorite to many lighting professionals as indirect lighting minimizes shadows and glare. Cove, soffit, and valance lighting is all classified as architectural lighting. These three types of lighting are all most commonly used as ambient lighting.

Next time, we are going to share about recessed lighting. This is most commonly what is installed in every room during remodels. Contact Sanford Electric today to schedule a meeting to discuss your budget and desires. 2020 is the year to start making your home truly your own!

Be sure to call Sanford Electric for any last minute electrical installations to get your home New Year’s Eve ready!

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