Power surges are a big issue this time of year in Central Florida. But should you consider having a surge protection system installed in your home or business? Only if you want to save money, protect your appliances, electronic devices, and your home. 

Electrical surges can happen at any moment, even on sunny days. It just takes a 10 millisecond to cause expensive damage. The voltage coming into your home varies throughout the day, from 0 to 169 volts. It just takes a fraction of a second, when the voltage exceeds 169 volts, to cause a power surge.

More than just annoying, these minor electrical surges doesn’t only wear down and shorten the lifespan of your appliances,  they can destroy anything plugged into the outlet. That includes your computer, smartphone, and devices. 

“Devices such as uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and surge protectors can help maintain the flow of electricity and prevent possible damage to your appliances and equipment. Surge protectors act like electrical sponges, absorbing excess energy and preventing most of it from reaching your electronic devices.” FPL

Benefits of Surge Protection 


You can save a lot of money and frustration by having a surge protection installed in your home or business. Since it typically won’t be covered under your insurance policy. 

More devices, more protection 

Most of us have more devices in our home than just a couple of years ago. None of which are immune from power surges. The last thing you want is all your important information and pictures to be lost because of a surge. 


Without proper protection, a spike in voltage could potentially trigger a fire. Which can be prevented by installing surge protection.

Small surges cumulation 

Most of us know about power surges that originate outside the home, such as lightning strikes. But, the majority of surges stem from inside the home. They typically go unnoticed, the smallest surges from the cycling of major appliances and the cooling system turning on. Though they are brief, they take a toll and weaken appliances and electronics, decreasing their lifespan. 

Don’t let a power surge damage your home or electronic devices. Contact the experienced team at Sanford Electric Company about our surge protection solutions.

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