Waiting for your wires in your home to wear out, before you have them replaced, is not a good idea. No matter how old your house is, wires wear out. Before that happens and puts your family in danger, it’s time to contact Sanford Electric Company. 

Signs to look for that your house needs rewiring 

Dimming or flickering lights 

Have you noticed an unusual flicker of a light? Has an appliance or gadget unexpectedly turned off during use? To prevent a fire hazard or more damage, it is time to contact an electrician. Trying to repair it yourself, is not safe. 

Circuit breaker trips 

How often is does your circuit breaker trip when you turn on energy zapping gadgets and appliances? Outdated circuit breakers are not capable of providing the power levels needed for today’s appliances and gadgets. This is a sure sign your circuit breaker needs professional updating. 

Bringing or faint unpleasant smell 

Any type of burning smell, no matter how pungent or faint, should be a red flag. A burning smell usually means an electrical short in the wiring. Which can easily cause a fire. 

Electric shock

If you ever touch an electrical cord or appliance and feel a shock, there is an issue with the wiring. Which should definitely not be overlooked. Find out what’s wrong with an electrical safety check, as soon as possible. 

Obsolete cabling

If your wiring or cable is over 30 years old, it is outdated. This could lead to a dangerous situation and needs to be remedied immediately. Updating your wiring not only complies with the latest standard governing modern electrical safety guidelines, you can avoid a very serious situation. 

If your Central Florida home has any electrical problems or needs rewiring, Sanford Electric Company has skilled electricians that are competent and affordable.

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