The world is always evolving, and in the world of all things electric, innovations may soon find their way into our garages. GM and Honda have shared exciting news on their future endeavors, but if you have not yet heard, check out the last article to get caught up. This week, we are sharing more about the new electric cars coming to the United States.

New battery cells:

We recently discussed the impressive new battery cell. This new vehicle battery cell will allow vehicles to travel more miles in one charge than the current Tesla vehicles. Can you remember one iconic pickup in the last twenty years?

Hummers were all the rage. They did go bankrupt in 2010. Now they are emerging after bankruptcy with the help of GM.

Originally, GM shared that five assembly plants were to be closed in November of 2018. Then, the automaker reversed the plans and turn a big left turn as they announced the Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant would be a part of some exciting news. GM now plans to launch more than twenty battery-electric vehicles and they will be made there at this plant.

These vehicles are also called BEVs for short. This is all planned to happen by 2023. The first vehicle to be released is locally referred to as the Poletown Plant. The electric pickup was the star of Superbowl commercials.

Hummer is recharged:

Yes, the vehicle is a Hummer. This time around, the Hummer pickup truck surely won’t drain your bank account at the gas pumps. The reveal is not until May of 2020.

The brand was once very popular amongst Americans, before it was almost laughable (along with the rise in gas prices). Hummer descended from the military brand, Humvee. GM acquired the brand in 1999.

Back when the US was launching the war with Iraq, the H2, a slightly smaller Hummer model, made its debut. Some even say the model was launched in a controversial way as it was heavily promoted by GM in between segments on the invasions on CNN.

As the rise of the Hummer was a sing of the frivolous, flashy times so is the rise of the electric vehicles. Many families have complained about being interested in electric vehicles but automakers simply lacked models they needed or desired. With the new Hummer and more models to follow, hopefully more electric vehicles will make their way into even average income households.

Sanford, Florida electricians:

Tesla vehicles are popular, but lack range and the lower price tag many Americans require. Americans are wild again for large trucks and SUVs. Maybe this is the perfect time for Hummer’s comeback.

As for homes and local businesses, our Sanford, Florida electricians can answer your questions over the phone during this coronavirus chaos. If you are in the middle of new home construction or a remodel, we know how important it is for the professionals entering your home to adhere to CDC’s guidelines. Call today if you have any residential or business electrical needs.

Although we understand many in our community may experience upcoming economic troubles, we hope you call our Sanford, Florida electricians to discuss pricing and availability. Come back next time for more electric world news!

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